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fionav3 Rating
To be honest, this is a pretty 'meh'collection of stories. The first story (also the cover) was reasonably entertaining, if predictable, and the second story was about the friends of the couple from the first story, but was a fairly mediocre read. And the last three stories were so bland as to be utterly forgettable (seriously, I only just finished reading this and have already forgotten what happened in them). Usually in yaoi, a lack of story typically means more smut, but very few of these stories even had that (I usually prefer the plotty ones, but still enjoy the smut). The art wasn't all that great either. I always feel really bad leaving comments like this, because I know writing and drawing a manga is hard (heck, I can't even draw stick figures so it feels way wrong to criticize someone's art), but this just was not worth the points or the read.
makmaklala Rating
I think the third story was the only one I actually liked. I definitely agree with one of the other comments - it was okay for the $2, but I'm glad I didn't spend the unlimited like I usually would. Stories were average.
SaraN Rating
They were all okay stories. Worth the $2 rent, not worth a buy.
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