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funbrillo Rating
This was really good. I wish there had been another chapter to show a bit more of their relationship but it was good and has a happy ending. A previous review mentioned some sad moments and there were but they didn't dwell on them so it wasn't too painful. More like mentioned or alluded to. It was a really good story and good art. These two make a cute loving couple.
delores5 Rating
Interesting story line, cute characters and a happy ending.
Jessica151795 Rating
I loved this story
dbz2000ho Rating
It was an awesome some sad situations but the plot and ending was great.
CancerDragon Rating
Loved it! It has an actual story, along with sex. The sex was both kinda hard-core and tender. Worthwhile read.
mizore Rating
I can't imagine that I'll be crying in the last chapter
fionav3 Rating
I ended up really liking this manga. I didn't warm to both characters immediately, but found myself being drawn to them as the story went on. And the plot ended up being surprisingly well done. Art was good too, so the only thing to really critique was the somewhat slow start.
dongtheggplant Rating
AahhHHH shet my heart ached so much, definitely recommend to those who enjoys reading angst and happy endings
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