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Kitten95 Rating
I thought it was so cute. Lovely ending for both stories.
MonSu Rating
Fun stories, but a couple of em came on a little strong for my liking.. however, the endings of the stories to each separate pair were nice, and the connection to each other was a nice surprise. I liked the variety, and the art was pretty good, but I thought there would more detail in the relationship of the featured couple..
Tintinabule Rating
It's good, just that it advertises only the first story when it's the shortest one. So even though the other stories were still cute, I wanted more of the first story where you have a dominant top who wants to eat his long time friend. Other stories are about convenient store clerks who get hit on by clients, one host, and one seemingly pervert businessman. All stories all in some way related.
StreetUrchin Rating
I have to say this is more of a 3 or 4 star, but little extra at the end made me smile enough to make this a 5 star. It's cute, it's got hot parts, it has a confident seme in one story, and a confident uke in another. So for me, it has everything.
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