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Nyanko Rating
While the character tropes are pretty standard and the art is a tad better than average, the storyline deviates enough from the usual for it to move ahead of the pack. The premise of the story creates a cooperative-competitive dynamic between the male leads, and none of them are shy of expressing their admiration and adoration for the female lead. Scenes are framed as quests for her to gain experience and pleasure with real men, which fits the setting and helps tighten the plot a bit: at least it's not just a bunch of encounters set up for the men to emotionally and physically confuse the female lead. It has decent re-read value, and chapters end on light cliffhangers. I'm waiting on chapter 4 to find out the results of the latest quest; hope she gets epic loot.
LettuceGarden04 Rating
It's a fairly simple story, but developed enough to fit the 4 chapters. I rated this series highly as all the love interest pretty much have an equal footing, where everyone is pretty much the winner ;) Very sexy and a wonderful read to pass time.
Slinky Rating
Art mediocre. Ended somewhat abruptly. Shame there isn't more to flesh out their story a bit. Concept good but execution could be better
Jenangelx3 Rating
I think this is a really average and cheesy story. It didn't develop the way I thought it would and really, the ending is open so you could be frustrated, but it was an OK read. It's not something I would recommend though considering how annoying the heroine is with her extremely low self-esteem and I absolutely dislike cutesy shota types
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