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akazukin Rating
I really did enjoy this story - sure it was indeed rushed near the end, but I second that the heroine was not a pushover. The main grab for me was that I was looking to read a younger guy romance with an older heroine - which granted it gave me :D. I actually felt this heroine was not a pushover because she did stay true to Kei's side. What probably seemed "pushovery" is that she *SPOILER* easily got pushed into cheating on the guy she was with (who she was sort of just going with the flow with) - back to Kei. However considering that she had stronger feelings for Kei since the start - I thought in this case it was fine. On top of that the guy she was with was a total be honest I would warn that the guy she was first dating, might be triggering to some people since he does forcibly make her do some acts that and again spoiling, but there is attempted rape as well as molestation :( which leads to why she probably seemed meek/going with the flow. However once she realized her feelings for Kei - she stood by him. Considering there are MANY other stories where the heroine actually questions the main guy, this was refreshing and nice that she believed in him and stood her ground. I would say this was worth the buy for me! Kei is so soft and cute for the main guy, as well as the heroine.
NMAT64 Rating
I loved this story. It was daja vu between the heroine and the hero. Another reviewer was stating that Yui the heroine was weak and a push over. I don't agree she stood by Kei even when she was pushed to give him up. Great story, and drawing lovely. I hated that it ended.
Renren5 Rating
Love it
iori Rating
I love the story
Ladypuu19 Rating
I liked it. Her boyfriend was a douche bag!!!
Taryn Rating
I'm giving this 3 stars due to the hunky male main lead. While I like the devotion of the younger guy for the "heroine," the story is somewhat contrite and the pace seems forced. I'd also argue that the heroine is too weak and easily manipulated to be very interesting, definitely a pushover. The art is lovely, but I suggest saving the tickets/money unless you're just looking for a mediocre distraction.
Kayrin91 Rating
When I stared reading this story I wanted to see how the main girl would overcome her fear of sex, and get with the right guy. Yet everything seems so forced.
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