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LettuceGarden04 Rating
I love it. Don't expect an amazing story, since it does has some of the typical cliches in smut manga that are frustrating, but at least it actually has great smut. The expressions are spot on, you get to see male lead being flustered >///<. It's actually one of my pet peeves in smut, there's not enough blushing guys and they girl does more work than laying in bed woot.
waiwa Rating
love the story and picture al so beautiful.
ebookrenta0ava916jg Rating
Cant wait for thw ne t book number 4 to come out suspense is killing me!! I love it
Lolachan Rating
Love it!
Reeas Rating
A short and cute story, the plot is nothing out of ordinary. But I think that mainly because of the artwork I found it very enjoyable to read.
DarthKristinous Rating
I loved the story but felt that the ending was rushed. We got good back story and then it was just over.
Flyaway Rating
Oh wow, there is drama and secrets and all.I like the Female lead, she is different. The MC is cute & blunt, but I feel this story is more realistic in terms that they are moving slow and we already have a possible love triangle! I don't know what to expect, but personaly I liked it.Can't wait for part 4!