User Reviews For: The Brawn and the Brain -My Sweet Love Life with Twin Brothers!-


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Dericafb Rating
The story escalated quick but as saucy enough to make me want to red more
BLSameFace Rating
None of the main charactets act like human beings, it's like this series didn't have an editor. I'm usually able to forgive a lot of BL plot-nonsense when the art is good, sometimes the proportions of the characters faces would change and chins would get weirdly long or eyes would rise too high on the character's face. The cover art is not an accurate representation of the quality inside ? All in all, there's no real humour, impact or even eroticism. Honestly, read anything else.
Binx0r Rating
Sorta weird... art is good. Nothing is really established solidly, so it ends up confusing as far as character motivation and such. I don
agranados Rating
10/10 smut. what else matters?
vanlee84 Rating
Omg!! I loved it! I'm a sucker for threesomes and brother's love. I can't wait to read more.
ebookrenta0221awulj Rating
if you want light reading, this is pretty cute
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I enjoyed it, but the plot jumped too quick. I wish there was more backstory at the beginning to kind of make the plot more believable. Overall it was cute and I enjoyed it.
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