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MissStelle Rating
I love reverse harem like this and it's so relateable hehe but too bad there is no two hot guys like that IRL XD can't wait for the next episode! I give 1 less star cause I think the art is kinda lacking :/
peichi Rating
I bought this for the 3p. For a manga all about 3p that's 78 pages long most of which is sex, I would've expected them to go beyond foreplay. But they don't, so that's why I'm giving it 2 stars. If it were cheaper it might have been worth it, but definitely not worth $5.
diaeris Rating
Did I just pay 5 dollars for this crap?. A total RIP off
Heartparisluver Rating
I am so disappointed, paid five dollars for thissss?? Not worth the time!
vronmau Rating
This was ok, it jumped right into the smexy but a good read.
Virgo24 Rating
I need more chapters... this is so good two guys fighting over her yet they are not afraid to share. Its a must read in my book. Hope that there will be more chapters coming soon..
Justthere Rating
It was good it had a cliffhanger .
moxiemorphine Rating
I love the characters! Please add more chapters!!!
ebookrenta0khlgaqfb Rating
I really enjoyed the attention to color in the art as well as the general premise. I do wish I couldve enjoyed more of the storyline though.
Sodaheart Rating
Is this the end? If not, I hope another volume gets written. It be sad if it's ended with only 1 volume. This looks like it will be a good series to read.
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