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Linda Rating
I can relate Ayumi gamer guys can be scary when they're jealous.
milkypink Rating
This manga is so delightful! Definitely one of my favorites so far on the site. I love when the female MC actually has real personality and spunk. And despite what the cover art says, the male MC is not the stoic forcefully hands-on kind of stereotype; honestly so refreshing to see just two happy protagonists lol. I absolutely adore how much he genuinely enjoys his female avatar and wants to look cute in game. Another refreshing feeling of a man enjoying playing as a girl without it being fetishy or sexual. Both he and the female MC have so much love for his avatar! lol! Not very much "action" at all in this manga but such a wonderful read; genuinely love the characters and their interactions and looking forward to more!
LilSherry Rating
Ahhh! I love this story and is very impatient waiting for the next chapter. It's been so long. I'm waiting for the loce story between those two to get more serious. OMG when is the next chapter coming out??? The art, the story, the mood... ahh everything is great. I love the art style.
Akahige Rating
I got totally sucked in! When's the next chapter?
mangalover Rating
It is so cute and totally a realistic fantasy!
eboorenta0e95eukaf Rating
This is a really great love story between two gamer geeks. I just wish it updated more often. :(
andiekae Rating
I've been reading this series for a while now, since its early days here on EBR, and it's one of my favorites! The romance is great, the art is lovely, and the premise is so wonderfully wholesome! I've especially been liking where these later chapters have been going exploring the people around the main pairing. Keep up the great work, author-sama!
Noodlebat Rating
This is the best! Honestly the last page of volume 5 is hilarious! Worth the money I promise.
kDycu Rating
When's the next chapter?! I'm hooked! Erina's out to cause some trouble!
Aveion Rating
Love the story and all the characters! Made an account just to buy and read it after seeing the preview, and can't wait to see more great stuff from the author!
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