User Reviews For: Q: Can Sex Still Feel Good If You're Not in Love?


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Chea Rating
This Manga is HOT!!! Full color. Has all the great elements of a sexy story...Attractive, dominant guy, clueless, naive woman, and really hot love scenes that make you want to read more. Love the interaction between the 2 main characters. I give the first book 5 stars. Can't wait to see what's next!!
Carrot Rating
Beautiful artwork and it's in color! Short, sweet and the story was fleshed out amazingly well in a short time. Well worth the money!
kowboys Rating
This a very cute story. You get 2 chapters in each volume. The full page color is great! The romance & sex are very nice.
rosette6 Rating
I really enjoy it !
Rusfa96 Rating
So good and cute! I love it
Yahiko03 Rating
That was pretty nice
MissAndy Rating
I like the story. It's okay, and some of the scenes were definitely hot. Still a star of 3 though.
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