User Reviews For: Stuck Between a Sexy Rock and a Hard Friend [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Kamiyaoilover Rating
Really good threesome. Very sexy. I liked the other story with the pole dancer too.
etta6293 Rating
Totally worth it. It was so cute and the guys were so hot!! the emotinal rollercoaster is for real!
NessaBDC Rating
I loved this one. If you like strong, sexy, manly bottoms (yes please!) this rocks, as does all of this mangaka's work. Super cute but with a lot of substance I love the story as well.
sunshineseller Rating
The threeway was soooo hot! Wow! I liked the stripper story, too, but the main story was amazing.
eboorenta0ml61niij Rating
I loved the story behind this one it was a slow start but great ending which came to a close too fast for me... I loved all the characters in this story, there was never really a point where I swayed one side or other. Totally worth it!
kitkatcaughtcha Rating
So much fun. I loved how it wasn't a "perfect" relationship. And Sakai was too adorable.
Kegaretta Rating
Definitely worth the money, I hope this Author continues to draw manga/comics into the future!
himarin64 Rating
Artwork: 10/10Story: 10/10H: 10/10!lol, I really enjoyed this work! At first I wasn't sure if I would like the relationship between the main character and his best friend, but once it turned into a love triangle (-ish) I really loved the dynamic there. Ikuyasu-sensei's art is also BEAUTIFUL and the characters have quite a bit of depth, it's a wonderful read. Definitely recommend!
caedns Rating
I'm not usually a fan of threesomes, I find that one of the characters usually gets neglected but this was really good in keeping up with all 3 - also helps they are really hot!
veralemur Rating
This is a love triangle that actually resolves with minimal(ish) fighting. Two semes and one Uke you would think it wouldn't work out that well but They roll with their new dynamic with beautiful and complex emotional processes that feel well thought out and believable. The artist has a really great ability to depict masculine characters that are able to cry, fight, flirt and blush and not feel like the artist just 'lazily removed the boobs' on a straight manga.Is the art perfect? No. Is the story a bit simplistic? Sure. None of the characters have a full name and side characters are referred to exclusively by position. But i don't look at yaoi manga for a 'Mona Lisa' or for 'A song of fire and Ice' either. The relationship was engaging and evocative, the art was captivating and at no point did i want to put this (finished) story down. That's all anyone can ask for isn't it?
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