User Reviews For: Stuck Between a Sexy Rock and a Hard Friend [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Kamiyaoilover Rating
Really good threesome. Very sexy. I liked the other story with the pole dancer too.
NessaBDC Rating
I loved this one. If you like strong, sexy, manly bottoms (yes please!) this rocks, as does all of this mangaka's work. Super cute but with a lot of substance I love the story as well.
sunshineseller Rating
The threeway was soooo hot! Wow! I liked the stripper story, too, but the main story was amazing.
eboorenta0ml61niij Rating
I loved the story behind this one it was a slow start but great ending which came to a close too fast for me... I loved all the characters in this story, there was never really a point where I swayed one side or other. Totally worth it!
kitkatcaughtcha Rating
So much fun. I loved how it wasn't a "perfect" relationship. And Sakai was too adorable.
Kegaretta Rating
Definitely worth the money, I hope this Author continues to draw manga/comics into the future!
etta6293 Rating
Totally worth it. It was so cute and the guys were so hot!! the emotinal rollercoaster is for real!
himarin64 Rating
Artwork: 10/10Story: 10/10H: 10/10!lol, I really enjoyed this work! At first I wasn't sure if I would like the relationship between the main character and his best friend, but once it turned into a love triangle (-ish) I really loved the dynamic there. Ikuyasu-sensei's art is also BEAUTIFUL and the characters have quite a bit of depth, it's a wonderful read. Definitely recommend!
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