User Reviews For: Stuck Between a Sexy Rock and a Hard Friend [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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vanlee84 Rating
I absolutely love Ikuyasu art style and story telling. I love the characters,the 3P is great, I wish I could read more about these three. The pole dancer story was awesome,I wish we could get more of this author in English like Momichupa Oppabu time and Momichupa Oppabu fever time.
MirjaHNSFW Rating
After renting the entire story, all volumes, I can say I really like the art and characters. [SPOILERS->>] The masculine appearance of all the guys was definitely a plus from me. The one thing I am weary about when it comes to manga is when noncon/dubcon to consenting scenes. Here the characters were for the most part consenting, which was a HUGE plus point.
veralemur Rating
This is a love triangle that actually resolves with minimal(ish) fighting. Two semes and one Uke you would think it wouldn't work out that well but They roll with their new dynamic with beautiful and complex emotional processes that feel well thought out and believable. The artist has a really great ability to depict masculine characters that are able to cry, fight, flirt and blush and not feel like the artist just 'lazily removed the boobs' on a straight manga.Is the art perfect? No. Is the story a bit simplistic? Sure. None of the characters have a full name and side characters are referred to exclusively by position. But i don't look at yaoi manga for a 'Mona Lisa' or for 'A song of fire and Ice' either. The relationship was engaging and evocative, the art was captivating and at no point did i want to put this (finished) story down. That's all anyone can ask for isn't it?
shieru Rating
Delivers on story, sexiness, and art. Three people navigating volatile feelings for one another. Alternating perspectives, backstories, and overall nuanced take on different ways to love. Extra story and bonus materials made me smile.
fandomnightmare Rating
Very fun! A nice threesome, though sadly no reversible characters.
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