User Reviews For: My Younger Boyfriend Is Being Unreasonable


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RedGeisha Rating
I liked this manga. I thought there was a crazy twist at the end. I think the Main Character is a little bit of a pushover. But overall, I liked the art style and the dialogue.
Andromeda Rating
I really really liked this story, it was well developed, and interesting, putting forward questions that needed answering. I was hooked right away and kept wanting to know more. I found it extremely sexy, like, chills; the MC's had real chemistry, and the pillow talk was super hot. I like the younger guy and the older girl scenario, especially here where it was done with finess. The art was so beautiful, this style is right up my ally. This is a great read, I so wish there was way more chapters!
Meeeesh Rating
I actually really loved this more than I was expecting to. Loved both of the characters, their relationship, and the storyline. I just wish there were more volumes!!
deatheatercharlie Rating
I agree with the other comments that the ending it too quick! It was a very cute manga though.
Sighz Rating
Enjoyable read. Developed characters, decent plot, & decadent smut. Ending was a bit abrupt & not a fan of intense jealousy. Overall a good read that will likely be reread
jWillz95 Rating
It's very cute
triiss Rating
WOW, surprisingly I really like this!!! I was worried this wouldn
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