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AinoKusabi Rating
OMG someone shoot the nurse, pleeaassseee! And Masaki needs to wake up before it's too late. Can't wait for the next chapter!
biggestrebel Rating
I mean, I wanted a sequel after the first volume but this was just so much!!!!!I really liked the nurse and def would've cheered him on if A) I didn't already fall for SohtaxMisaki and B) he wasnt just playing around w MisakiIt was definitely interesting but I was so frustrated w how weak Misaki looked against the nurse (Noda). I'd love to know more about Noda, but I also want to see Sohta and Misaki happy together w out having to sneak around. That'd be more satisfying for sure!All in all, hope theres more but I'm happy! Great art, hot sexy scenes, 10/10! Would recommend!
sleepyhead20 Rating
I really liked this, but I really hope they do a spin off with the nurse. He was actually a pretty interesting character.
thewritinggirl Rating
It was alright, I just kinda wish Tsuji understood how much his relationship with Sohta was being threatened by Noda, and I wish he showed a bit more fierce resistance when Noda tried it on with him. To me it seems as though Sohta loves Tsuji wayyy more than Tsuji loves Sohta which oddly hurts, but by the end it's obvious that he is in love. Art's nice, only a little smut.
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