User Reviews For: Limited Time Only Friendship


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aura01 Rating
This was the cutest! I loved it!
fionav3 Rating
That was a very sweet, cute manga. Could have done with it being a little longer, but that's a good complaint really! Also, I actually would have liked a side story with Kuroki (the model guy). He was pretty interesting.
Kitten95 Rating
Omg too adorable :3
Cressellia Rating
I think it could have used 1 more chapter and maybe not have had their relationship become sexual. Other than that is was super hecking sweet and fluffy!! I liked the dynamic of the leads and their characters felt compelling despite the lack of depth!
ebookrenta07690ylko Rating
Foxgamer978 Rating
This was really cute!
biggestrebel Rating
This was cute. Definitely left me feeling like I wanted more, or that something was missing? All in all, the art was cute and the characters were adorable Would've loved to see our big boy make more friends tho! Still good
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