User Reviews For: The Egotistical Gangster Is a Closet Romantic


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ZuzuRose Rating
The story felt a little rushed and the art, in my opinion, seems a bit stiff. The story overall is good and so are the love scenes.
DandyLionPuff Rating
If you're going to make a large debt the whole basis of your story then at least explain how the debt occured to your readers. If you're going to have a plot in general explain it to your readers. Tell a story! This story just literally throws shit out there and says
Tigersmeow Rating
I wasn't really impressed by the ending.
maquila Rating
Slightly NSFW review: A resounding "Meh." The art's fine, and honestly the eroge scenes are interestingly diverse in ways you don't see in manga (including oral from him! Like most of the time they'll use hands but not do that.) It just ... the story jumps around in really weird, disjointed ways. It's not bad enough you can't follow the story, it just feels like I'm watching a bunch of vignettes than a full story. The art's fine as I said - by which I mean it's not great. What bothered me the most was Joe's chin changes shape literally every page. One moment it's sharp, then it's flat and square, then it's sharp again. Over all, "Meh." I'd probably skip it and find something better unless you're really into the mob thing.
tylerssocks Rating
Cute.. I agree the art is a little stiff, but I don't think it takes much away from the story.
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