User Reviews For: Inherited Boyfriend. -From Now On, You're Mine-


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ChiiMotosua Rating
Okay, I don't normally write reviews, and I technically haven't finished it yet, but this manga is really good! Every character is well thought-out and quirky in the perfect way. I have to say, if you like doting, hilariously protective uncles and awesome cousins who would do anything for you, then you'll love this. I think the Aunt and Uncle are the best. The great-grandmother is hilarious and so relatable, and Tatsuomi is such a great character. The main couple is cute, but the other characters give you a really wholesome feeling. I highly recommend this manga!
leel Rating
Super cute, I love this artist's art style so much!!
Andromeda Rating
Well I'm on fire. Love this story, great art, I was super hooked right away, and I can't wait for the story to continue to unfold. Cute, sexy, a major page-turner.
jinny Rating
why end the series with such a cliffhanger???
BMorgan Rating
I gave it a 3 because been waiting a few months for it to continue.
Romiie07 Rating
The drama and the romance just oozes from the love they have for each other!
Ratyas Rating
Its one of my favorite
MitsukiY Rating
This is my first bought and my first review and I'm really happy! This manga is just awesome! I loved the art, the story line, the twists, the romantic side and the +18 scenes, everything perfectly balanced. A smut that catch you since the beginning. I can't wait for the next chapter
iori Rating
What a story
HibiscusLove629 Rating
I love how this series keeps me on my toes! The story line is so different and unpredictable which I love and you can't help but to fall in love with the main characters and learn more about their backstory. I highly recommend this for sure
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