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Weeb4Life Rating
Touching and emotional, this story's all about why you should never let your past hold you back from living in the present and looking forward to your future. Both leads are constantly struggling with conflicting emotions and desires. Jed's such a coward for so much of the story, he wants so badly to be with Aimee and Toby but he's too scared to get close to them because his own family's such a mess, while Aimee wants the three of them to be a family, but Jed refuses to open up to her and she has enough self-respect and good sense to not accept a man who doesn't trust her. I'm glad that she apologises properly for not telling Jed about his son (though I doubt he'd have been a good dad at the time, with all his emotional hang-ups) and is genuinely grateful to him for saving Toby now (Toby's such a brave little munchkin). The most important thing is being honest, making up for your mistakes and having the courage to grab happiness when you can.
HorseObsessed Rating
? Very good story, beautiful artwork. I really enjoyed this story.? The son, Toby was so cute.?
ebookrenta06dkar8q2 Rating
Now this a book! A woman with not only self respect but with more. This is a must read and it definitely will not disappoint.
Gossemaj Rating
The story is so beautiful and I love these kinds of manga.
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