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Kitten95 Rating
I loved the stories so much. But all the heart break... My poor heart...
DAGAK0 Rating
This is probably my favorite work by Harada. Negative is definitely not a very 'warm feeling' collection of BL stories so it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but this is a must read if you're looking for a painful type of story!
rsierra321 Rating
Another wonderful collection of stories. The whole point was to show us the "negative" aspects of life, and that was exactly what we got. I wouldn't expect anything less from Harada-sensei.
InkfaceFahz Rating
Harada's paneling is masterful, and the deep melancholy is conveyed so engagingly. It feels like a dense, difficult read, but if it clicks with you, you'll be reading it like you've been possessed. I am excited to read their other works.
legallybling Rating
I adore Harada's works and this is no exception. Harada has a way with storytelling that makes even the worst character sympathetic. Heartbreaking and profound.
allthefujoshiunite Rating
I think it's safe to say that Harada is famous for their 'tough to read' stories. I love how the artist never sugarcoats the topic at hand and have a very distinct art style. My favorite story from this book was "Piercings", a beautiful and poetic story on ownership and jealousy between lovers. Although it was a little different from Harada's usual works, Piercings was such a striking one-shot. Totally recommend it!
Texlovy17 Rating
Loved it!!! Just the first short story alone was worth the read.
yucant Rating
Daniru Rating
Oh, the feels~ all of these stories were amazing indeed!!! Harada's work got me so hard..!! It made my heart throb with a bittersweet feeling and, made me want to get some piercings in the very same way they got theirs. HAHAHA.I just loved them all!!
julie135 Rating
Amazing work
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