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This really isn't your average love-manga. You get a big piece of the dude's mind and he is kind of a jerk. But that's why i like it! He is not the typical hero who loves the woman immediatly while she is too shy too ask about his feelings and in the happy end he says something like 'i would never sleep with you, if i haven't loved you from the start' and magically cancer is cured around the world, haha. Well, this manga feels more like the reality. I think it will also have an happy end but it starts less sweet/dreamy. Good one!
This has it all. The art is so nice and the story is refreshing. Kazumi has zero experience with men and falls so hard for Sato who is a bit of a player who is also a bit jaded about love and relationships. For him women are just for smexy times and women just use him for his looks and status, all pretty sad stuff. My heart was breaking for Kazumi b/c she just bared herself to him over and over again. When his cold little heart finally started to feel for her I was like yes! Finally! And then once he realized he was in love with her too, he goes all alpha "she belongs to me!" and is a total sweetie to her, as he should be! Love them together and I'm looking forward to the coworker and Sato's former high school gf getting closer too! Can't wait for everything to unfold. So good! It's a keeper!
Good character development. You fall in love with the characters as they fall in love.
I really love it! I hope the next volume 8 update soon!
This and Artist and the Beast are definitely my favorite reads for Erotica genre. The female MC is a sweetheart to the point that it's endearingly and not eye rolling. The love interest, Satoru, is SO freaking attractive that I've read through about three times. He's a jerk a lot and fakes a smile, but deep within
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