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Majala Rating
I enjoyed this as part of a trilogy- read back to front by accident - 3 damaged brothers finding their way in life and learning to love.
Salz89 Rating
I loved the story. Also about the fact I will learn the story of falcone brothers as well. This story in my opinion is just perfect for a change of pace.
Weeb4Life Rating
An enjoyable if clich辿 romance/breakup/secret baby/reunion story. Rafaele is your typical Hq man, whose mother was a Bad Person, so he thinks all women are bad (that's so dumb!), and who's afraid of falling in love and losing his lover so he... throws her away (wut? how does that-). Even his ways of trying to get his girl back are stupid (he sorta near blackmails her...). At least in his case he's not necessarily a horrible person, he's just really emotionally stunted. Sam has her own (frankly much better and sadder) tragic sob story and deals with it a lot better than the guy. She's not a complete pushover (still no Amazon warrior or anything), at least she has the backbone and dignity to walk away from Rafaele when he's being unreasonable and the sense to be ashamed of her weakness for him. My favourite character though is Rafaele's dad, he's such a sweet, sad lamb, poor man deserves a hug (and better wife and son).
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