User Reviews For: Second Chances: There's No Accounting for Love!


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was good. I liked that they both have to keep up appearances at work, her the prim and proper accountant and he the new CEO. But after work, they both are huge pop star fans! Their common interest makes them see each other in a new light. This was really funny and I love the scenes when they're at the concert for the first time. They were really getting into that song, lol! I like how he is self aware and knows who he is and he's a super supportive big bro too! She's so cute! In her 30s and still totally a fan girl! They seem like a fun couple.
SkeletonWriter Rating
This was a very cute story. I liked how driven the h was about her work and that it helped strengthen her connection with the H. The H was a little devious but still had a good heart. All together it was a great read that left me smiling.
viviLGYoung Rating
It's a slow pace and sweet storyline. Love the drawing style as well. If you're here purely for the sex scenes, then don't even bother to purchase this. But if you're up to a meaningful storyline, then this is definitely for you!
sensibletron Rating
Uh this is adorbs. Get it.
Rubyrose94 Rating
Loved how funny this was
sandka10 Rating
It was a cute and sweet story.
01032201 Rating
Me encanto
DandyLionPuff Rating
Very cute one shot. The visual humor alone is worth the points. I had a good chuckle and wasn't disappointed.
Lexa2095 Rating
This was so heckin cute. I was not disappointed at all. Worth the read.
theakaneko Rating
Super cute. Love the art, love the story... not quite what I was expecting, and I loved the surprise
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