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Cattails Rating
[SPOILERS]The first story (cover and description) was disappointing - based on the description, I was hoping for a subversion of yaoi tropes, but it ended up the typical "pretty/girly" bottom/more "manly" top with very little chemistry. The last story was similar in that way. The rest of the stories were pretty fun, though, if you're into mildly evil/sadistic/bossy bottoms. I'll probably reread those ones at some point.
CarmillaKarnstein Rating
The couple on the cover and preview are only in the first and last chapters. I liked their story, but the entire rest of the (pretty expensive) volume is a collection of one-shots, most of which I didn't like at all so I was disappointed.
HorseObsessed Rating
I guess I kind of like this one, maybe? I have a couple of questions, though. 1.) In the Table of Contents, one of the stories is listed as "Switch on the Hole", while in the Afterward, it's listed as "Flip My Hidden Switch", I think when the author is talking about this one. 2.) The title "Live", the Class Representitive (who isn't named), his backstory could've/should've been fleshed out more. Why is the Class Rep. so dark, what experiences in his past made him like that? : |
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