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theakaneko Rating
A cute story with quite a few twists and turns for our couple. He's so gentle with her and wanting to spare her any and all pain whole they start over, and she wants to remember but it gives her a headache whenever she gets a clue...Only complaint is I wish it was longer and we could see more of what happened after the big reveal and resulting decisions.
cohen5483 Rating
I had high hopes coming from the mangaka's other work, Love at the Front Door but I personally didn't like either stories. Both showcase a twisted way of showing love from non-cont. Sure one can argue the first story was that they were ex's but...the fact the of matter is at the that moment, they were not. The setting was surrounded by a lot of abusive people where the female lead is portrayed as being powerless as a result of their background and falls into the whims of men. I got a little mad having purchased this.
nana Rating
It's two stories. The first one is as described, the second is about a couple where the girl has amnesia. The second story is pretty good. The first one was kind of disappointingly predictable.
Lemon12 Rating
Both stories had an interesting plot, would be nice if they were a bit longer.
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