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Flyaway Rating
Well, I only read three chapters so far and while I have no problem of her switching to a younger guy. If he is under 18, then this is a no-no! But since I don't know the guy age, I'll just enjoy pretending he is not underage! The story coz it's nice and unique. Kinda hot! I like his friends and the cute cat.However, and this is a spoiler-ish! so proceed with caution please:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also, a big no for me is cheating. You don't cheat on your nice boyfriend just because he is busy, you leave him and do whatever you want, but you just don't do that to him. Not nice at all!so that's why I gave it 4 stars.
dsgfsdf Rating
she's the most disgusting mc i've ever seen
DarthKristinous Rating
I was pleasantly surprised with this manga. Sexy yet emotional as well. Nice change of pace.
HoneyLavenderTea Rating
For the first 10 chapters I give this a 4 but once the “love triangle” with the brother starts it becomes a big 0. MC and the brother are horrible people and the whole story arc makes me sick.
krcrew Rating
The story is subpar but great art!
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