User Reviews For: Our House: Love Trouble [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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LMonster2 Rating
Fantastic! I would rate higher if possible. It was so fun to see the development of all the characters and their love. It is exciting and even the bonus pages are hilarious and thrilling as well. You will enjoy this fully.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
LOVED!! All the characters are just amazing! I love Nonohiko because he is so big, but too adorable (and hot). This manga is cute, funny, overall entertaining and the artwork is gorgeous. There is a lot of smut and some borderline not consensual; however, if you aren't into that, I'd still read it because it didn't feel that way. It all was so lighthearted and comedic that you don't get the "this is wrong" vibe. I definitely recommend this or you're just missing out and who wants to miss out?!
sophanzo Rating
Just so in love!!!!! Art is GORGEOUS and between character development and (frankly) juicy plot lol I must say this darling one-shot leaves nothing to be desired! (Legit gonna gobble up all/any additional works from this artist)
HorseObsessed Rating
??Sooo Cuuute!??
ebookrenta0692jtg3k Rating
Not too bad, really love the first couple
yuki Rating
I love this manga
Ctrls Rating
I love this author's work never disappoints me +^+)9
Dosdeamor2 Rating
funny and absolutely adorable!
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