User Reviews For: Game for Romance -My Handsome Colleague Is a Gamer Too...!?- [VertiComix]


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kittygal Rating
I'm mad at how good at is.
Nyanko Rating
Sweet romance between work colleagues based on a shared interest and chemistry - what's not to like? The art is great, but the real selling point are the characters and story. There is no simpering girl whose entire existence revolves around changing herself to fit whatever image she thinks her man wants, and no domineering office god who uses blackmail/coercion/assault to garner the compliance of the womanchild he wants. Nope. It's just adults who share an interest (possible obsession) in a mobile game. Once they get over their feelings of shyness and shame, they realize that they both really like each other. Sure, there are some of the usual antics: mistaken identity, assumptions based on faulty input, jealousy, etc. but given the story stays grounded in the main characters, the antics don't seem as slapstick as they do in other stories. Adults who find that connecting through a shared interest can mean connecting on other levels as well: how novel!
Vievie Rating
So cute story I'm a ganer too. That why I into this manga. I wish I meet someone like Haruto too.
SunnyEWA Rating
I'm currently stuck at volume 12 waiting for the next installment. I very much enjoy this story and am patiently waiting for the next installment. Ok maybe not so patiently as I'm at a cliffhanger waiting to see how the story is moved along. LOL -Sitting on my hands and kicking my feet-
TheMoonlightRose Rating
This is such a cute and romantic story! Though I don't play games that often, I recommend this for every introvert out there - it's super relatable. The guy is really sweet and understanding, and (surprise, surprise) not as much of a gamer as the girl is. An original story with adorable characters: can't wait to read further! <3
ebookrenta0jdsqo5la Rating
When I read the second chapter (that's what I'm calling it please corret me if I am wrong) I was like "THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY" then and I thought damn thats how me and my bestie met. NOT THE SEXUAL PART! The story is good and I love Ayumis energy! She is adorable!
cookingshark Rating
I can't stop reading this and it's taking all my money. ?
WesterleaWind Rating
So far really good and intriguing. It has some really relatable topics which make me come back to it every chapter. :)
kylene Rating
sooo cute! <3 i really recommend reading this one!!
Starless Rating
Ultra cute!! The relationship between the two characters was expected but still adorable!
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