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foxling Rating
I'm a HUGE fan of Jet's. So I'm always on the look out for new works. This one is probably one of top 3 faves. Prolly cause I also love cats. Soooo 2 of my fave things. <3 Jet also tends to work on books that have strong characters, both male and female. Female leads are usually as strong of will as the men, if not more so. So I tend to gravitate more towards their works. I suppose it also helps that I'm a fan of the artwork as well, because it's not anime style of being cutesy. They're not fully realistic, yet more angular than you see in other books. If you like strong female characters that are equally matched personality wise with the guys, then this and many others are definitely for you. <3 <3 <3
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I will rent/buy anything Jet draws, usually! But this preview didn't really give enough to go on and I wasn't sure if I really liked the h Amanda. She was a bit closed off from reality and how there are two sides to every coin. I didn't care for that and a good chunk of the story I wasn't feeling this story at all. Bram seemed like a larger than life character and a truly decent human being who fell immediately for Amanda. Even more so when she showed her vulnerable side to him. I think as a beastmaster he could appreciate that she trusted him enough (so early on in their knowing each other) to let out her fears and insecurities in front of him, knowing he wouldn't judge, but be understanding. And that he was. Fell for them both by the end, it was really rushed though. Art as usual is lovely in that truly unique Jet way.
Weeb4Life Rating
Didn't expect to like this as much as I did but the characters are just too likeable not to want to cheer for them. Amanda is a SJW done right, idealistic and driven but na誰ve and over-zealous, I admire how she's adaptable, quick thinking and willing to admit and make up for her mistakes; she always tries to do the right thing, for the right reasons. Bram is a sweetheart, pure and simple. This manga does briefly touch on some sensitive topics, such as gun violence, animal cruelty, glorifying martyrs etc, but thankfully avoids getting too on-the-nose with them and is surprisingly respectful and mature. I'm not used to seeing the positive aspects of feminism, politics and the media in manga, but here we are, and it's done well. Good plot, good characters, excellent development with a satisfying HEA, I'm so glad I gave this a chance.
sensibletron Rating
C'mon, look at the cover. It's so sassy! How do you feel about pro wrassler Jake
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