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funbrillo Rating
I love this series. The characters are fun and the stories are good and sexy. I like that with each volume you get to see the other characters at times and get little extra stories of them to see how they are doing in their relationships. They all make lovely couples.
missjai78 Rating
a really loved this authors way to convey the feelings of the couples. and the fact that there was so much violence and sex?!... lord have mercy, what a wonderful read! :D
saynerd Rating
I have gotten really sucked in to these stories. Personal preference would be the latter two couples, with the first book being a nice introduction... But all around, whoa! I did not expect for there to initially be continuations, but now I am waiting (very impatiently, mind you) for the conclusion to the most recent arcs. You will also not at all be disappointed by the "action" and accompanying art. Bring it all on!
DianaRiana Rating
Great story, beautiful art, hot scene, I'm full hearted give 5 stars, lol. Tomoru and Rinka, they fight furiously and make love passionately, they say sweet as well as nasty words bluntly to each other which show they are equal. I can't stop reading and ended bought almost all the other story hahahha...
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