User Reviews For: The Disobedient Virgin The Ramirez Brides III


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StreetUrchin Rating
The worst out of the Ramirez Brides Series, the heroine was annoying. I feel like just renting it for 48 hours is enough, doubt I will ever need to reread this story.
NMAT64 Rating
Spoiled alert: Catarina's grandfather's brother which would be her great uncle which is Jake's father. Are second cousins. Still a relative having relations with another relative. And to me very incestuous relationship. That is why the one star.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'd rate this a 3.5, if half stars were available. It was ok, slightly sexist and the heroine was really annoying. Yes she had been sheltered her entire life, but it was a bit much. Didn't like that Jake would call her little kitten all the time either. Also, the man had a girlfriend already, but did slightly inappropriate things with the heroine. Not cool, even if it was the authors way of showing how much he wanted her, I didn't like that. The ending made up for most of my digressions with this final part of the series. Liked that all brothers finally met and bonded.
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