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Majala Rating
I've been reading these books in reverse (by accident) and whilst they are formulaic ... thry are really worth a read! Yes, it's the usual Cinderalla story but the trilogy of the three brothers and what has made them who thry are adds a lot more depth. Beautiful art work and I followed this set because of the manga artist.
Salz89 Rating
Just perfect just perfect. I loved this story more than falcone story. Now let's see the first son story.
Weeb4Life Rating
A great take on a much loved clich辿, this time Cinderella. Alexio, much like his brother Rafaele, believes all women are evil gold-diggers because of his mother, but with him it's more a case of him desperately wanting to believe it since it'd hurt less. It's sad to see his thoughts about women, especially his sister-in-law, it shows just how damaged he really is. But despite that he still managed to fall in love very quickly with Sidonie, a down-on-her-luck woman who's very honest, hardworking, modest and doing anything to not be like her own gold-digging mother. I respect how fiercely independent she is but I'm glad Alexio persisted in helping her out; I also love that she doesn't give into him too quickly and makes him work to win her over. And it was great seeing the leads from the previous story in the series, nice to see them enjoying their HEA. This series loves its cliffhanger endings though (teasing the next story), so on to the next one!
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