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cfang Rating
Story line is okay. Art is nice though.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was pretty good. Art is nice and pretty. Jed was a very conceited man and kept Phoebe at a distance. But she had hearts in her eyes the whole time and didn't see what their relationship was all about until she tells him the good news. But he doesn't take it too well and one misunderstanding leads to another and then something really sad happens and she runs away from him b/c she thinks it's over. Like most harlequin stories, the woman takes the man back right away, but at least Phoebe waits until they're married this time before getting back in his bed. And he proves he's invested 100% to her and their child. Very sweet HEA too. More babies!!! Liked that there wasn't any family drama with his family or approval problems. It was just Jed being heavy handed with his POWER and trying to make demands like always, then seeing the error of his ways. Not bad and loving that this was only .99 cents to rent for 48 hours, cause I'll never read this one again, but I'm glad I read it.
Lemuel Rating
The art is good, but the storyline is...yeah I think its fine, though.
Inualways14 Rating
Cute read! Some aspects of the story were a little bit cringey and over dramatized in terms of realism. (But there are plenty of good manga titles that are like this.) Overall, it's not bad and I'm glad I bought it.
BTSandOOR07 Rating
Mmm. Misunderstandings and pride and love and lust. I love it.
Weeb4Life Rating
The female lead is one of the stronger HQ girls. Despite being naively in love with the male lead, getting harshly put down by him when she tells him she's pregnant, causing her to miscarry one of her babies, she resolves to raise her remaining son on her own and becomes a stronger, more independent woman. She doesn't immediately take him back or forgive him, in fact she rejects him and fights him at every turn, forcing the man to get his way through their young son (the one person the girl can't say no to). She only reveals her feelings for him once the guy finally opens up his heart to her and is completely honest with her. I'm glad that after what the guy did to her, the girl only allows herself to be vulnerable in front of him after he himself is at his most vulnerable and honest. It's a truly heartfelt scene, definitely the high point imho.
mrzero Rating
it is fantastic story in love it and the art was also very very good i recommend it
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