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Mrsmangame123 Rating
The art is so cute, the main story is sweet and so is the extra. I totally dig reverse harems, but not so much with all brothers, kinda weird, but whatever. In this story it works. Totally worth the points and a definite re-read.
Weeb4Life Rating
The main story's wonderfully charming and sweet as candy. Kinu's kind and innocent, but so desperate to finally be needed, to belong and be useful. She's shy and embarrassed by what she and the brothers do but she's 100% willing and cares about them as much as they care about her. The brothers are all interesting and likeable in their own way, each getting their fair share of love and attention, and they're very respectful of Kinu at all times. The focus is purely on HER pleasure (they need her to feel good to get energy from her), which is very sweet but leaves me a tad unsatisfied, they never even go all the way and the brothers' pleasure is completely ignored. Very female friendly and almost shojo in how pure it is. There's a tacked on chapter at the end featuring a different couple, but it's utter rubbish, boring and clich辿d with nothing whatsoever to make it worth reading, neither in plot nor characters, wish the author had focused on the main story instead or just omitted it.
tntcoolchick Rating
very cute story and theme loved it
Yumeko Rating
Honestly this is so cute as someone who loves supernatural stuff and also likes Reverse Hearms I loved it :3
noizumikun Rating
Very sweet story with steamy scenes. I thought it had a very solid ending. Would definitely recommend, and would also love to see more from this universe.
NMAT64 Rating
This was a cute story and even though it was with three guys at the same time. They seem to want to share the gal.I like the story
reveredwings Rating
A very cute story overall! Since it's only one volume, the plot moves rather quickly and is a bit cliched, but if you're looking for a quick smutty/cute manga, I would recommend this. I loved that the brothers got their own chapter and the way they interacted with Kinu varied from each other.
jenniy04 Rating
This is such an adorable story. It the prequel story was amazing too!
Reader23 Rating
A great light reading! Just the right amount of cuteness and hotness combined! It will make you want to read something like this more!
KiaTakeru Rating
This was super adorable and I loved it! The little side story was great too.
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