User Reviews For: You're My Irresistible Extracurricular!


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MissMaus Rating
Very sweet and beautifully drawn. Deals with some homophobia in the normal high school trope-y way, but I was kind of sad we didn't get to see more of the top sticking it to assholes.
kyokobaby Rating
ahhhh, it's so good, I wish there was more! lovely art, too!
Leatrixrmf Rating
This is a refreshingly sweet story about first love. Yes - there are some tropes about the innocent straight jock vs the more experienced gay older senior student, but it was nice to ready something whereby both were virgins struggling with feelings about each other, without rushing into sex straight away.It was also nice to see some consideration by older MC worrying about how other MC will be viewed by others, and wanting to protect him from the bullying and gossip he has faced as an out gay teenager in a high school environment. Definitely worth buying rather than renting!
Skaenund Rating
Love this author, a good balance of fluff and I just loved the characters.
krabbity Rating
It's sweet and hot. The art is great. Miidera is a real sweetie who stands up for the object his affection, and Yukami is protective of Miidera in his own way. Deals with high school bullying, so be careful of that. The feelings between them felt natural and reasonably developed. Worth the read, and multiple re-reads.
AinoKusabi Rating
Sweet, fun, and great art!
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