User Reviews For: Desperate for Love!


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mahikokatoru Rating
This is cute! I love the storyline. It is different and refreshing. It is a good take on how love should be.
Hellochildren Rating
One of the first manga I've ever bought from this site (I mostly use l*zhin). And iam not disappointed.
kristel Rating
This definitely is one of my favorite yaoi out of all stories that I have read. Worth it to read. The story does not seemed rushed and I like how yohta acted when he started to realized that he has feelings to tatsumi.
TouchTheSound Rating
The art is done really well and the story is really good. I kind of love it!
saynerd Rating
I think the art is just fantastic, I really enjoy the character designs. I am also really enjoying the progression of feelings as the story takes a bit of time to progress. With this type of storyline I believe feelings tend to be rushed, but this does not have the same SUDDEN feels as similar storylines tend to. I'm looking forward to more!
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