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mahikokatoru Rating
This is cute! I love the storyline. It is different and refreshing. It is a good take on how love should be.
beitfamily Rating
This is one of my fave things Ive ever read on this site!! SO warm SO cute SO fluffy!! It moved at a perfect pace and wasnt overloaded with smut scenes, but also wasnt lacking in any either. I really started to care about the characters.... I wanna see how his part time job with Tatsumis friend goes ;??; I really loved this!!
kristel Rating
This definitely is one of my favorite yaoi out of all stories that I have read. Worth it to read. The story does not seemed rushed and I like how yohta acted when he started to realized that he has feelings to tatsumi.
reyji Rating
IT'S... SO... FLUFFYYYYY, OMG! Like, yeah, there's some drama a smidge of angst tossed in there, but this is just such a cute and fluffy story. Really hits you right in the feels. Yohta actually grows as a character, and Tatsumi is really kind, gentle, mature, and cool (though in later chapters we see he has a cute, vulnerable side too). The story isn't necessarily a slowburn, but their relationship does feel natural, and their chemistry real. Very cute story, and definitely worth buying permanently, I'll want to go back and reread.
youllbemylady Rating
This shit was so fucking cute and I love them both so much. Usually I need like at least one repressed gay to really make me want to read something but this was amazing I loved it thank you so much
Sakuratt Rating
Super sweet!! Plays into the emotional side a lot more than the physical, which I really appreciate. It just feels like a realistic and genuine relationship. 100% would recommend.
AlwaysAnju Rating
Great, series. Nothing about it is particularly unique or exciting but otherwise I honestly can't fault it. Great pace, great balance, clean art and likeable characters. Feel good fluff and loving xxx scenes, and both boys are very pretty. A safe purchase.
ChattyK2125 Rating
Oh please make more! This is a great love story. I really enjoyed it!
Hanachan Rating
Light, sweet and refreshing!!
Hellochildren Rating
One of the first manga I've ever bought from this site (I mostly use l*zhin). And iam not disappointed.
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