User Reviews For: Try My Love -The Man I Hate Knows Just What I Like-


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Kalia1234 Rating
Love it I can't wait for the next episode to come out.
Nyanko Rating
The story isn't particularly new, and it's downright predictable. Still, I found it sweetly told and a decent read. The real hook here, in my opinion, is the art - it's so freaking cute! This artist does a good job with male characters in general, with young men who look distinctively boyish, versus some artists who don't differentiate the lines and expressions between male and female characters much. The story/art arc has just enough cuteness/chibi to show moments like sheepishness without letting the whole thing slide into the toothache zone. All in all, the story isn't ground breaking but it's paired nicely with the art to give it enough charm to be a fun read.
ssmiles Rating
I wish the story was a bit longer and that the main character had. Chance to bully her boyfriend in return and have him go crazy over her. I love a sexy possessive boyfriend and wish our main character would be more obsessed with our heroine
Yahiko03 Rating
Didn't like. Nothing special at all
Fv44 Rating
Very interesting start, I want to read more, it's great so far.
Tiffany Rating
What can I say I just love it can't wait for the next chapter
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