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MintTea Rating
Whenever they translate manga that involves older men versus the young pretty boys that many BL manga love milking, I jump at the opportunity to read them. Unfortunately, this one is a little "heavy handed" (pun intended for anyone who loves this sub-genre, heh!) on fetishes. The stories are not deep nor the characters. When you think there would be at least a little character development, it mostly falls through. The art is awesome though and the sex scenes are great when not completely focused on the fetish that chapter is themed. I could have easily rated this 3 stars, but something stood out. You can tell the artist/writer really had fun making this as not everything seems to be taken seriously and with the occasional moment when characters have a realization that maybe their fetishes or their partner's are very weird. The whole manga could have been better, but it isn't a waste of time for fans of this sub-genre of BL.
PennyDreadful Rating
This story is a little too much Bara for me. The story isn't that interesting or believable, the romance feels flat. There are lots of sexy scenes, but if you enjoy the relationship and the sex, this probably isn't for you. I also wasn't fond of the art, like I said, a little too much bara. Also, this author LOVES nipple play. It is a constant and reoccurring theme in the three stories in this series. So, if you're meh on nipple play like I am, also maybe not for you. That being said, the smexy scenes are decent and the story isn't bad, it's but it's not great, either, it was okay.
legallybling Rating
Some of the stories feels kind of rushed (a common problem in one-shot anthologies), but overall it's pretty good. Lots of humor and endearing beefy men. My favorite is the 2nd story.
Strang1 Rating
Love the art! I understand this is a bara piece, which is more a niche than naught, but am glad to see Renta branching out to the genre. The story itself was ok/good, as this anthology was more geared to the fetish type, but would come back to it. Hope to see more of the bara variety in the future.
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