User Reviews For: Flowers Bloom as the Night Unravels


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saynerd Rating
I thought this was very fun and cute! Something a little bit different from the usual, but still a sweet story with a happy ending. Personally, I am also a big fan of this art style. Worth a read!
fionav3 Rating
This was cute, with nice art but its a little bland. The story felt like it was missing something and the characters were fairly forgettable. But cute overall and a pretty cheap purchase.
Myteddyandi1 Rating
Loved it, sometimes we should take a chance, for happiness ?.
sdab Rating
The art is nice enough, but isn't a stand-out for me. The plot is unoriginal, rushed and lacking substance. It wasn't fluffy enough to qualify as cute, nor was there enough angst to be considered moving. If you want a quick, light, easy read, than this will do just fine.
MayAshley Rating
One of my favourites... so beautifully done. Definitely worth checking out.
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