User Reviews For: I'll Teach You Everything -A Dangerous Next Door Neighbor-


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Flyaway Rating
Amazing story. It picks up slowly with each chapter getting better and deeper. Noticeable characters's development. I like how the love feels one sided at first, but then it becomes mutual. The first episode is the worst, if you can just read it and choose to continue, the story gets really good and addicting.Very romantic story with nice hot scenes as well. Cute love story.Both characters are lovely. I wish it was longer to be honest.I liked how the third parties were eliminated once the feeling were established.
ebookrenta0cq77ggqt Rating
What the other reviewers mentioned about the first chapter was right - there was some blatant noncon happening, which left a bit of a bad taste. The rest of the story is pretty sweet & sexy though, with great character development on both sides, which sort of made up for it. Would recommend, if you can get past that first part!
LettuceGarden04 Rating
The first chapter wasn't that great as someone else mentioned already, but the story does pick up afterwards. The drama doesn't drag which is awesome and the male lead is soo cute~ Reading this really cheered me up, highly recommended indeed.
blahbib Rating
Great story at a decent pace. Wrapped up nicely without dragging on with unnecessary drama. Hot scenes too!
thewritinggirl Rating
The title is very misleading, her next door neighbour/childhood friend is so adorable and head over heels in love with her. The art is so cute and there's plenty of smut and fluff in each chapter. It's a nice length as well. If you're looking for a sweet yet hot romance, then this is the manga for you.
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