User Reviews For: The Real Pleasure of an Older Man


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laniaash Rating
Older men!!! The story is okay, and I love the art!
MirjaHNSFW Rating
Art is beautiful and I love the basic setting of a rental boyfriend.The characters are left quite distant to the reader, as we don't get to see much of what they really think, nor of what was in their past. What bothered me was that the story is left open, in my opinion, and it cuts short. Either there's something lost in translation or there should be continuation to this in the form of another volume or a second part. Therefore, just the three stars. Should there be more volumes and/or a new comic as a sequel, I'd be happy to add stars to my review.
loopysheep Rating
This was so hot.
Deadprin Rating
Awesome.... really such an interesting plot....
Vivichi Rating
Older man story yess! Great art with a great story (plus the smut scenes are also 10/10)!!
Yahiko03 Rating
Wow!! That was hot. Please hurry with the next chapter. Please
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