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HeySayJeskuh Rating
Overall the story was cute and straight to the point :) wished it was longer, However the only reason i'm giving this a 4 is because the translations could be worked on a bit... some dialogue kinda didn't make sense...
Noonebell Rating
Not the worst, but far from the best. Heavily rushed and a lot left unsaid or never addressed. Conflict for the sake of conflict that doesn't seem resolved. Art work is decent. It's about all I can say.
shadowkazaki Rating
I really love the interesting take on the Inugami. Not to mention the difference between each of the characters. Despite the lack of full consent, they gave the human characters a way to full use their ability to say no in a different way. I honestly wish we could have seen more with the other pairing that didn't any time at all.
Blluevaz Rating
(Mild spoilers) Ughhh so much potential and it was wasted. I really like the premise about how they were trapped, and it's turns out destiny had their wives planned for them, but i wish they'd gone with the less cliched plots they gave, or at least gave each brother equal attention. The 3nd brother's transformation bored me (i booed) when I'd been looking forward to that plot the most, and can authors stop taking the "he'll die" approach to make the mc feel bad pls. The pacing for the mc story was fine, definitely wish they'd had more time to develop character motivations.
LMonster2 Rating
Although I wish it was longer than 2 chapters... I really enjoyed the love between the 3 brothers and the 3 dog god brothers. It was funny, cute and super hot!
ruby Rating
I wish there was more of this manga it is getting very amazing and awesome so if you don't mind can you please make more
vlim31 Rating
This is really cute! Loved the characters so much! Although the story is just short for me :'( I hope there was at least a little longer like one more chapter/volume or at least an extra!! :)
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