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Ilovemyself Rating
I really find this manga entertaining.Right from the very first chapter it already got me laughing,and I'm not a fan of romance myself so it's a plus, but if anything romantic happens later on in the story that won't stop me from reading it.
Deviling Rating
Best of the best!!! One of my favorite stories. I like strong female characters. This girl not only can fight, but is quite clever too. There's not much romance, but more funny moments. Whether our heroine finds love or not, it's good story and a good adventure.
aoi Rating
My favourite manga on the site! An adaptation of a light novel, taking the isekai trope with a powerful female personality. It's great to see a female heroine taking the bull by the horns without flinching. Mizuki is a wonderfu character that is only concerned with moving forward and considers the consequences of her actions which distances her from many Shoujo heroines. HIghly recommended!
Ariadna Rating
This is my favorite series on Renta! Especially because it's about crossing worlds, or isekai, the protagonist is very good at adapting to her new environment and accepted her new reality. Although, every now and then she use her own common sense to achieve what is needed. It's a really funny and sort of dramatic manga. I recommend this to anyone who's looking for something else other than Prince Charming.
Delunaeris Rating
I'll be honest, I had disregarded this series because I prefer reading romance manga more than anything. However, I've been on a isekai high for a good while and it won out one day. I decided to try the first book, however soon found out I was down by a couple hundred coins as this is amazing.The heroine, for starters, isn't like the typical other female leads you may stumble upon. She's smart, crafty, and unbelievably strong. What I adore about her is that she's not even the shy, white lotus type of gal either or tsundere type. She is flawed in the way where she doesn't do things for the greater good but because she lives for herself. Also, the story does include a reverse harem but it's not romantic. It is hilarious. Do give it a read - worth your time and money. 10/10 will read again.
Ankiret Rating
Charming and hilarious. This is the self-insert isekai fantasy I've always dreamed of. The heroine is great: strong, funny, and clever. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to cause plenty of chaos in pursuit of her goal. The plot is fast paced and the supporting characters are memorable. My one personal critique is that this can get a little one note IF I read too many chapters in one sitting- all powerful protagonist who wins at everything and does what they want is a trope that is a whole lot of fun but can sometimes get tiring atter a while.
eboorenta0flecizsk Rating
Strong female lead , she was from another world and has been stranded n a new world . She lives by her own rules and she is very strong .
shooky Rating
I'm in LOVE with this manga it's so great, i just hope they won't take as much points anymore, 100 point is a lot after all, and it diminishes rapidly, which personally makes me sad and want to cry since i don't think they'll ever let me buy anything by internet sad...
tm2yk Rating
Its pay to read comic but the update slow & raw already ahead 5 -6 chapters. This comic popular among readers. I wish admin will translate them as soon as raws out.
Suuuuup Rating
I am loving this manga!!
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