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paintmeblue Rating
Ugh, listen to the reviews. Look, I'm a huuuuuge fan of the whole step-sibling taboo (part of what got me into manga when I finished Brothers Conflict anime), but it has to have some semblance of a plot. This manga is just a mess and the smut cannot carry the story. I spend a lot on just so-so manga and actually end up enjoying it. But this? Hard pass.
CherryBerry Rating
I bought this series on the Japanese Renta, I thought it was alright. The art was good enough but basically if sadistic boys, psuedo incest, and student teacher relationships aren't your thing then you probably won't enjoy this. Also I thought the little brother looked like Lelouche from Code Geass and I was kind of into that.
HorseObsessed Rating
?The artwork is, well, the MLC, Haruto doesn't have a penis at all, Hirano, the fellow Teacher who the FLC Hina had crush on, (the criminal) had one.? This is censored too much. The artwork is a bit lame in that respect. I've read earlier titles on this site that have better censoring. Other than that, I liked the story. ?I am a bit of a masacist so please don't think too badly of me.?
Sighz Rating
Overall not bad. No backstories on anyone, decent smut, okay story, kinda 2 dimensional characters. I don't regret buying it and would likely read again. It's a light smutty read, take it for what it is
MissAndy Rating
Hate this manga. It may be cheap, but don't waste your tickets.
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