User Reviews For: How an Innocent Manga Artist Holds Down a 9-To-5 While Being Held Down by His Hot Boss


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Charlton1 Rating
The art is so good! I really like the second story but it seems to be missing the last instalment for it. I wish they would add that in but it says that the series is completed. 4 stars for the story.
theakaneko Rating
I really enjoy this one. It ties in to their other work too. The art is good, the stories are pretty nice... second story doesn't seem finished although the series is labeled complete, which is a bummer. Overall 4/5 stars
Honyara Rating
The story in itself and the drawing are amazing, although the plot could have been more on the deeper side. The second story isn't complete which is a total letdown. I really hope this'll be fixed.
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely love this story including the second one with the publisher and other author but sadly it just kind of leaves you hanging. I wish there was more especially about the side characters though sadly it says it is completed I pray they decide to surprise us and add more adventualy.
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