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aristar Rating
I really loved this! The art and story was very cute, although there was sex almost every chapter. It moved a little fast but I didn't mind it as a quick read. I agree with the previous review that I wish it was longer!
ebookrenta0e5al3f12 Rating
I loved the story. It felt like the story itself was interesting amd their moments together were very sweet amd steamy. The art syle is also very cute.
blowkia Rating
Cute, sensual.
Zoids Rating
Cute story perfect for light reading. Would've loved a longer series.
MadamMint Rating
It was okay. It fell a little flat for me.
Sighz Rating
Well done! Art is great. Character development & ending could use work. Felt like backstories could of added a lot to it all, instead of the few hints.Good for a light, fluffy read with smut
micot Rating
Goodness, this was a good read. Great artwork. I love how the FMC was somehow able to resolve her relationship with the MMC, but it would have been nice if the manga also showed if and how she was able to resolve her concerns regarding her school/art work.
HeySayJeskuh Rating
Adorable artwork, nice casual read :) Just wish there was more to the plot, like are they high school students, college students, etc.
Reader23 Rating
I loved this! Really dig this kind of story and I love how the MC starts to become bold!
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