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pewpew Rating
This was cute, I guess? If you enjoy the boy bullying the girl, and when I say bullying, it's the kind where you have to look over how it actually doesn't work well IRL and instead think of the mindset of "oh he's just doing it because he likes her, aww." I think it is a nice read if you want something really short simple, and not too out of the ordinary of boy likes girl genre. I was ok with this story personally, there wasn't anything too special about it.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm a sucker when it comes to this mangaka's work. It's so fluffy cute! It feels good. But even though it heavily implies that the guy is pretty serious about the girl with his actions and words, I'm greedy and want more about whether or not he's been with other girls, when it's so clear that the girl has zero experience. Just my little quirk. All in all this one was a cute frenemies to lovers, awkward young people realizing that they've always liked one another romance. The art is adorable. The second story is cute too, along the same lines as the first, the guy teases the girl he likes. Teasing can be a little confusing for the person who is being teased. Does he really like me? He can be so mean, it's not possible, right? But from personal experience, I too only tease the one I like, because I like them. It's elementary, but satisfying in a twisted way.
Sighz Rating
Art is well done. Decent characters. Plot is very typical of the 'they cannot admit they like each other'. Overall light, fluffy read.
Reader23 Rating
If you like a guy who is head over heels over a girl but don't know what to do but teases the girl, you might love this! I sure did!