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kurome Rating
Was not bad pretty funny a little fast paced though just wish I could see more of the first couple.
fionav3 Rating
Pretty ridiculous set of stories (and the last one was flat out disturbing). They're not bad, per se, and the art is good, just not worth buying permanently.
Cyfi Rating
Over the top, completely shameless and hilarious (everyone happens to be gay) pr0n--LOVE IT. Read the raws multiple times, so happy to FINALLY see this sexy nonsense translated;)
shima Rating
What more would you expect of horny boys lusting over inverted nipples? The downside of this manga is just the fact that Shinobu doesn't really show any of his moves, despite being that strong. Guess he's just too much of a softie. I think this is light compare to other of her mangas, but still steamy and smexy nonetheless. The sequel is much more steamier though.
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