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shima Rating
Sakana Tomomi-sensei never fails to make me go all "wwaaa.. daanngg.." n giddy. Simple story as always, full of passionate smex n some fetishes involved too. Still, wished it comes out uncensored, but heck, i enjoy reading nonetheless cause its more or less fluff romance tied with loads of smex (yes, i just have to repeat that smex part)
funbrillo Rating
I really enjoyed this one. This is a sequel and I found the main story and other stories in this so much better than the first one. I enjoyed every one of the stories and will be re-reading it. When I read the previous book in this series I thought it was
rinnnsenpai Rating
I really love the uke personality, he is so funny ? and if course, the smex is yummy lmao But if you are here for the plot, don't expect much hahaha
eyms13 Rating
I totally adore the artwork and the smutty scenes XD I do love the theme of a supposed top being "trained" to be a bottom and this definitely doesn't disappoint... Takashi is hilarious and really love his interactions with Aikawa and, to some extent, Shinobu... All in all, it's the kind of story that you can read over and over again since there's not really any angst whatsoever... Perfect for a light read after a long, hectic day!
AinoKusabi Rating
Yep, lots of action. Pretty good art. Loved the facial expressions, especially Takashi's. A good old fashioned yaoi smut fest.
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