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kleepart Rating
This manga is amazing. With all the different characters and Yakuza families, it can be hard to follow. However, the story is amazing, and sensei's are is on point, as usual. I hope the rest is uploaded!!!
kayura Rating
Twittering Birds Never Fly (AKA: Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai) is my favorite manga. Yoneda Kou writes the most well-rounded characters and you become invested in everyone's story. We are introduced to Yashiro in the first chapter through the story of his unrequited love, after that, Yashiro becomes our guide through this first volume. Sex, drama, and Yashiro's awakening into a brand new love when Doumeki walks through the door. An absolute must read if you enjoy a great story, a mature relationship, an emotional rollercoaster, and the hottest uke/seme in manga. So happy to see Yoneda Kou here on Renta, and I can't wait to see all the future volumes translated.
moon Rating
I went into this expecting a light hearted, crime aesthetic story but I was wrong. I know I can't expect content warnings here but I wish there was at least an indicator of how serious the tone of this manga would be The story was really good and I loved the characters and art but, again, i was not prepared for emotional turmoil
Overdressed Rating
It's a very complex story and the characters are extremly interesting. For me it was an emotional rollercoaster. The story itself ist suprisingly engaging, but like others I found it sometimes difficult to follow because at the beginning I didn't remember the names of all sidecharacters. I can't wait until the next one comes out.
Yaoi Rating
So good and a very gripping story! Got the first volume on sale and was hooked. I had to buy the other 2 volumes. Really looking forward to the next volume!
Rira Rating
Kou Yoneda is a genius, unlike to other stories, this one is getting better with every volume! I have them in paperback format at home already but I'm happy to buy the ebooks too.
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
Twittering birds is my favourite manga and the reason I got into BL. I love the subtly that Kou Yoneda uses to develop characters and build tension. She find's the right balance between showing the love story and yakuza storylines. Can't wait for the next installments!!
AdrcGaitan Rating
Yoneda Kou is an amazing manga artist. This manga is not just a bl, is a story about power in a world of men. Is about pride but also love, love for two men that think that they don't deserve to be love. Wonderful characters and plot. Another version of Kou's work that bl's fans need to know and enjoy.
arithna Rating
This manga is the best of the best! The emotions and the feels you get when you read it is precious and unforgettable. The characters in the stories written by this author really does feel like they have souls. I really recommend it to those who are searching for a great story and plot.
samantha89 Rating
This is by fair one of the best BL stories I have read.
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