User Reviews For: Bad Boy -Seduction Under the Rainy Eaves-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Omg! What a tease! Not talking about the h, she's pretty awesome. I'm talking about how I thought this was going to be just one chapter and done type of story, not leave off on a cliff hanger! I love this series of "bad boys" who are anything but bad. The H is so handsome and sexy! And he is completely and utterly head over heels in love with our leading lady, but she's punishing herself for past misdeeds and denies what her heart really desires, him or love in general. Great backstory, great characters, love the art. Can't wait to see how these two handle this conflict of interests. It's really good!
Hallyu30 Rating
I just love this manga, the story is fantastic and I can't wait for its continuation. The characters are really interesting and the progression of the story I find it's smooth and no rushed at all. I found myself being drawn into the story because of the characters. I seriously hope the artist continues this series because it's just so much fun to read.
Flyaway Rating
A cute realistic love story. The male lead is very handsome, reminds of Superman, and the female lead is beautiful and super strong. He is very funny and persistent, but there is nothing "bad" about him!What I don't like is how fast he fell for her, but I guess some guys are like that. I feel the story ended now, but it says current volume, so I guess there will be more drama. The hot scenes, there are not many details and stuff, so it's I don't know, some might prefer it this way, but not me.
zoeiX Rating
Love the plot and storyline. When is the next update? It is that good
hempress Rating
I was so excited to see a new issue! This manga is fantastic - I love the female lead so much, Daiki's unerring enthusiastic affection for Chinatsu is so pure and sweet. Their relationship is adorable!